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Social Security Disability

COVID-19 Updates:

If you are a Social Security recipient and you do not regularly file a tax return due to your income level, you do NOT have to file one now in order to receive the COVID-19 stimulus check. The state of this is continually developing, for the most up-to-date information, please visit the IRS Updates page:

Who We Help

Uptown People’s Law Center currently only represents disabled adults seeking Social Security disability benefits in the metropolitan Chicago area who are formerly incarcerated due to capacity. Due to our class action lawsuits against the Illinois Dept. of Corrections about medical and mental health care, we are uniquely qualified to assist former prisoners applying for Social Security disability benefits.

How We Help

UPLC advocates for clients at the initial application, reconsideration and hearing levels. Our staff will ensure the Social Security Administration has all necessary information in order to make their determination, including your complete medical record.

The Application Process: 

  1. At the application and reconsideration level, we will guide you through the process, keeping track of your deadlines and assisting you in the completion of the Administration’s many forms.
  2. If your case reaches the hearing level, our staff will obtain any additional evidence, review your complete medical record, and write a memorandum for the judge detailing your health problems and why you cannot work.
  3. We will prepare you for the hearing, including advising you what to expect and go over your testimony.
  4. At the hearing, your representative will be prepared to cross-examine the medical and/or vocational experts, advise the judge of applicable law and cite to your medical records.
  5. Our staff will follow up on your case and provide an exit interview to discuss our work throughout the process.

For additional information on our services, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page, or give us a call at 773-769-1411. Please note that UPLC does not represent individuals in criminal cases. 

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