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Someone you care about is in prison

You're probably worried about them. Illinois prisons are in crisis. They're way overcrowded and underfunded. And it's prisoners who end up suffering—even dying.

You're here, on the outside. It can feel so lonely. IDOC is confusing. It's always changing, operating in secret.

You miss your loved one. You care about them. You want to help. But how?

Who we are

Uptown People's Law Center (UPLC) has been fighting for prisoners' rights for 40 years. 

Over 100 prisoners a week write us about issues they're having. We respond to every single letter. We record them, too, in order to track issues in Illinois' prisons. 

UPLC brings class action lawsuits against the Illinois Department of Corrections to make VERY-needed changes in its prisons. These changes are helping your loved one inside. 

Some of our lawsuits are about:

medical care, solitary confinement, mental health care, COVID-19

How you can help

We're building a movement of people who have loved ones in prison. As a certified non-profit organization, we rely on donations from caring people like you to keep our work going.

Your gift today will be put to use right away. It will pay for national experts to monitor Illinois' prisons. Your gift will pay for phone calls with our clients inside. Your gift will provide lots, and lots of mail to prisoners. 

We are a small organization, and any amount you give makes a difference. But your donation to help prisoners is needed right now. Please don't wait.

You can join a community of people making a difference TODAY

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